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Robert Stodart of Kailzie and Ormiston Hill (1748 - 1831)

Robert Stodart of Kailzie is given this title because between 1789 and 1794 he owned the Kailzie Estate in Peebleshire, having made a fortune in developing his piano business with John Broadwood. He then moved to Ormiston Hill in Edinburgh.

Robert Stodart of Kailzie

The picture of Robert Stodart on the left I originally believed was from a painting by George Watson, and was in Kellie Castle in Fife. However, I am told by a family in Connecticut that it hangs in a home in Massachusetts and it is not by George Watson but by Sir Henry Raeburn.

I have a lot of information about Robert Stodart. Unfortunately much of it is still on pieces of paper. However, I have provided some material here until such time as I am able to incorporate the information into this page. The second page on Robert Stodart has some of my old notes on him, but I have yet to OCR the scan, and recreate the page.

Robert stodart was famous for his contribution to the development of the grand piano as we know it today. The following are a set of web links regarding the developments of the piano in which Robert Stodart was importantly involved.

Robert Stodart piano



Robert Stodart   continued ... >


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