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Claud Leonard Broun
Claud Brown
John Wyld Brown
Robert Brown
Jean Cuthel
Duncan Mackellar
Marion Janet Wyld
George Wyld
James Wyld

John Wyld
Wyld surname
Mary Emily Kennedy
John Kennedy (snr)
Benjamin Kennedy
James Stodart
Robert Stodart
Marion Stodart
Stodart surname
Claud Leonard Broun's writings

The Wylds

The following chart is based on some information I received a long time ago from a Mrs Meiklejohn, who I think was connected with the museum in Biggar. Once I am able to establish that John Wyld of Biggar and Penicuik was indeed born in 1736, then I shall be able more easily to verify the information. The problem lies with the conflicting information regarding when he died. Assuming that he was born in 1736 then his father is almost certainly Thomas, and his mother Isobel Barrouman. However, ths sibling data does not match, so the chart is at present tentative.

John Wyld or Robert Wyld of Walstone      
m 1622 James Wyld
b 1624
d 1686
    James Wyld  
    Adam Wyld  
  m unknown John Wyld
ordained elder Dunsyre Church 1702
Janet Wilson (if John Wyld is husband)      
      John Wyld
   unknown   Adam Wyld?
    m unknown Thomas Wyld
b 1715
d 1780
    Marrone Miller, 1699, Dunsyre or
Margaret Black, 1707, Carnwath or;
Issobell Wallace or Liddell, 1710 South Leith
      m 04 Jul 1735,Dunsyre Lanarks
children > 
      Isabel Barrouman


About Me

My name is Alasdair Broun and I was born and brought up in Scotland, son of a clergyman and a freelance journalist. I took up genealogy as a hobby when I was 17 and I went on to write a PhD thesis in philosophical psychology ... more >



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